Outfitters List

I have been privileged to hunt with a great many outfitters throughout the years. Most provided excellent service and a memorable experience. The outfitters listed here are so listed because of their dedication to the task of hunting. They did all they said they would do, even more. I receive no compensation from these or any others in the outfitting business. I recommend them simply because I believe them to be individuals/businesses of integrity. All are skilled and capable. I will hunt with each of them again.


DSC_0177Sofala Safaris, Louis Steenkamp


Louis Steenkamp of Sofala Safaris was understandably concerned when I told him I want to bring a wooden longbow and spruce arrows to South Africa. Still, he was agreeable and said we would give it a try. So that is what we did. After three days of unsuccessful efforts, we went to one of his concessions on the fourth – and last – day of my hunt in an effort to locate an nyala. A great deal of glassing and driving around revealed several bulls. We finally found one that was in a perfect position for a stalk, and with the wind in our favor we began working slowly in the bull’s direction. The stalk was foiled twice as the bull simply moved to another spot, but on the third attempt, we were able to close the distance. “He’s 21 yards,” Louis whispered. The arrow thumped solidly into its prescribed spot and I soon knelt and gave thanks beside a beautiful nyala bull. It was the highlight of my 40-plus years in the woods and fields and is one I simply must repeat next July. Whether you are a rifle hunter, a compound shooter or one of the odd ones such as I who use traditional/primitive archery gear, Louis will give it his best to accommodate. Contact him at www.SofalaSafaris.com and book a hunt. You will not regret it.

Live Oak Hunting Lodge, Steve Elmore

3400 N. U.S. Hwy. 277 | Eldorado, TX 76936 www.liveoakhuntinglodge.com

Steve Elmore is a turkey hunter’s turkey hunter! He and his staff at Live Oak Hunting Lodge work tirelessly to keep hunters in turkey action. Located on the edge of the Edwards Plateau in west Texas near Eldorado, Live Oak Hunting Lodge provides access to incredible supplies of Rio Grande turkeys and whitetail deer on some 30,000 acres of prime habitat. Lodging is basic but plenty comfortable, and the food is southern-cooking wonderful. Plenty of it, too! For Rios and whitetails, contact Steve.

Table Mountain Outfitters, Scott and Angie Denny

P.O. Box 2714 | Cheyenne, WY 82003 | (307) 632-6352 www.tablemountainoutfitters.com

Scott and Angie Denny run a top-flight operation. With a wide assortment of game available in a number of venues, they are able to provide hunters a variety of options. I hunted pronghorns with Table Mountain not long ago, and wanted to do so with a Sharps rifle and black-powder cartridges – not the most logical tool some would say for the fleet little antelope known for keeping his distance. Scott, Angie and their guides obliged, putting me on countless bucks until that just-right shot came. I must do it again soon.

Hunters Safaris, Deon Cillers

South Africa | www.hunterssafaris.com

Africa is incredible. Whether you are a veteran or first-time hunter, safari is the thing of dreams. I booked my hunt with Hunters Safaris through John LaSala of African Hunting Adventure, P.O. Box 1825, Seaford, NY 11783; (516) 826-7516 or (516) 221-9721. John assured me Deon was gracious and hard working and would do all within his power to assure an enjoyable and successful safari. Deon proved to be even more than that. He is one of the most agreeable individuals I have ever met, and he never hesitated to accommodate me. I collected nine animals, all of which were superb trophies. I will again hunt with Deon Cillers of Hunters Safaris.

Millbrook Plantation, Dr. Ed Carruth

1030 Hwy. 513 | Stonewall, MS 39363 | (601) 659-9922 www.millbrookplantation.com

Through years of habitat management, Dr. Ed Carruth has transformed Millbrook Plantation into a quail paradise. Ed is a retired physician who has hunted all his life, and after acquiring Millbrook he set about making a dedicated 800 acres of the plantation perfect quail country. He accomplished his goal. Ed and his wife live on Millbrook, and he is in contact with the property and much of its wildlife daily. He cares a great deal for that property and the game it holds. His system of early release assures strong birds and functioning coveys. Expect to encounter a dozen or more of these coveys on any half-day hunt. This is Southern quail hunting and hospitality at it finest. And the cooking isn’t bad either! Call Dr. Carruth for details. If he doesn’t answer the phone, leave a message. He will definitely return your call.