Rambling Through Pleasant Memories

memoriesRambling Through Pleasant Memories is a collection of outdoor experiences and their impact on the author. Some of these have seen print in various publications and some are new and unpublished until the release of this book. Short, easy reads, the stories in Rambling Through Pleasant Memories should tug on the heart and bring to mind some recall the reader has of similar adventures in the great outdoors. Perfect for any reader from teens to the grey-hair group, this book will remind all of the past and point to a future that can be filled with simple pleasures. It is a book that will be pulled from the shelf often.  Click here to read excerpts from Rambling Through Pleasant Memories.

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Tony Kinton belongs to a special breed – old-time Southern outdoorsmen with an uncanny ability to share a story and tell a tale. In a fashion reminiscent of great sporting scribes from yesteryear such as Nash Buckingham, Archibald Rutledge and Robert Ruark, he transports his readers to places of joy and wonder. Rare back in a comfortable chair, get comfortable and prepare to enjoy the ample measure of pure armchair pleasure you’ll find in these pages.”  Jim Casada, Book author and Editor-at-Large, Sporting Classics magazine

Uncertain Horizons (No. 2 of Wagon Road Trilogy)

Uncertain Horizons by Tony KintonUncertain Horizons is the second installment of the Wagon Road Trilogy. In the first, Summer Lightning Distant Thunder, Jackson Bain rejects his father’s wishes and abandons Bain Enterprises in favor of exploring the frontier of present-day Kentucky. It is on this journey that he meets Anna Walker, experiences wonderment that only a new land can provide, and faces a life-and-death situation. He also receives news of a family tragedy back in Boston. As a result of these, Jackson Bain is changed forever.

In Uncertain Horizons, the reader follows Jackson on his second frontier journey and his efforts at reconciliation with Anna. He is alarmed to find Anna making plans to marry Reverend Liam Sullivan. Jackson leaves for Boston again, dejected and searching for any meaning that would make life worth living. Will he find that meaning? Will Anna follow through with her marriage to Reverend Sullivan? This book answers these and other questions.

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“In Uncertain Horizons, Tony Kinton continues to develop the characters as he skillfully crafts the individual journeys and their relationships with others and with God. The story of Jackson Bain, Anna Walker and other delightful characters unfold as their adventures continue. These characters draw the reader into their lives as they explore the frontier and face challenges in revolutionary days of Boston and learn that love endures all things as each is called to love beyond the immediate situation.” Marie Luther – Primitive Archer magazine



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Summer Lightning Distant Thunder (No. 1 of Wagon Road Trilogy)

Upon his return from London, Jackson Bain finds himself in opposition to his father, Squire Bain. Squire is adamant that his son join the family business and marry Rebecca Bomar, the woman selected by Squire to advance his business interests and social status. America of the 1770s is changing, evidenced by westward expansion. Intrigued by this expansion and desiring to come to know himself. Jackson goes against his father’s wishes and takes the Great Wagon Road south and west to the frontier.

Jackson’s idealistic longing for the frontier is shattered by a life-and-death encounter. This leads to a growing relationship with God and shapes his feelings for the beautiful Anna Walker.

While wrestling with his personal tragedy, Jackson receives word of a catastrophic event that springs from Squire Bain’s greed and need for control. This threatens the entire structure of Jackson’s family and his yet unspoken love for Anna Walker. Jackson’s focus turns from wanderlust to a genuine search for redemption.

Paperback; 278 pages. Cedar Arrow Publishing. Autographed copies available from this site, $12.95 plus $3.00 S&H. 

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“Beautifully written! Kinton’s prose is lean and elegant, with an emphasis on convincing dialogue and historically accurate details. Kinton’s characters boldly chase their dreams amid the hardships of 18th Century life in Appalachia. A rustic, romantic story beautifully told and a pleasure to read.”  – Debbie Stringer, Editor: Today In Mississippi



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Outside and Other Reflections

This is the first book of its type that I did. It is now out of print, but I have all remaining copies in my warehouse. I am offering this stock at a discount: $15.95 plus $3.00 S&H. An email to confirm availability would be appreciated. When these are gone, they are gone forever.

This is a reflective, sentimental journey through life developed in column-length stories. It is filled with young boys and old men, often in the company of good dogs. There are also vacant homesteads and abandoned cemeteries and ancient oak trees. Illustrations: Pin and ink. Hardcover: 178 pages.

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“Do you ever wonder what happened to those writers that could tell a hunting or fishing story in such a way that made you want to grab a gun or rod and head for the outdoors? The breed is a rare one and Tony Kinton may be one of the last. Unlike today’s high-tech ‘how to do it’ outdoor writers, Tony’s brand of how to do it is how to enjoy yourself in the outdoors. How to feel good about yourself and what you’re doing. He is a minstrel of the woods and streams, singing gentle phrases that warm a sportsman’s spirit and sweeten his soul.

“I have walked in deep woods with Tony Kinton and know his footsteps to be as quiet as a leaf on still water. So too are his words, but they have a way of echoing in your memory that makes you rejoice in being an outdoorsman. Treat yourself to Tony Kinton.” – Jim Carmichel, Shooting Editor for Outdoor Life.


“This is an eloquent volume, full of beauty and truth, and for this reason it is an important body of work. This is a good book, an honest book, and one that is sure to remain a favorite in every sportsman’s library.” – Bruce Brady, Editor-At-Large, Outdoor Life.

Fishing Mississippi

While this book is state specific as it relates to fishing venues covered, the tactics highlighted reach far beyond state boundaries and touch a great many freshwater species. The book is not available from this web site. Check local book stores or Illustrations: B&W and color photos. Soft cover: 188 pages. University Press of Mississippi. Foreword by Bill Dance.

Fishing Mississippi is much more than just another fishing book. I think of it as a concise roadmap to unbelievable fun, complete with informative anecdotes and valuable information that are sure to help you accomplish the ultimate success in your angling pursuits.” – Bill Dance