About Tony

Tony Kinton is a native Mississippian, where he grew up on a small farm. Hunting and fishing were regular parts of his life, and these pursuits produced much of the food found on his family’s table. Tony’s dad was the driving force of Tony’s love for the outdoors. Lessons were learned there as Tony listened to instruction given. These lessons, however, were not all about locating a squirrel in a tall hickory or setting a hook at the proper depth to catch a catfish. The truly important lessons were about respect, trust, loyalty, honesty. These, more often than not taught and learned on a creek bank or in the squirrel woods, were vital ingredients in shaping Tony’s life.

At an early age Tony developed a love for words, this likely triggered by his mother’s appetite for the same. She was an avid reader and passed this along to her son. He read whatever he could find to read, but his interest leaned toward outdoor magazines. Though there were no subscriptions coming to his household, he did encounter a copy of Outdoor Life or Field & Stream from time to time at the local barber shop or general store. He devoured every article, hoping to one day have some of the same experiences enjoyed by those great writers. The idea of actually writing articles about his own adventures was too remote to entertain in those formative years.

Upon completing high school, Tony left for college. This progression led him away from the farm and eventually to New Orleans and graduate school. While the years were rewarding, he never fully turned loose of his country upbringing. After working several years and acquiring graduate degrees in music, English and literature, he was able to return home – to his preferred Mississippi countryside. He retired from teaching at East Central Community College in 2008.

Throughout that career of teaching, Tony was also active in outdoor writing. After selling his first article in 1976, he spent as much time as possible in the magazine business. To date he has published more than 2,000 articles in state, regional, national and international magazines. His work has appeared in publications such as Outdoor Life, where he served as Mississippi editor; Bowhunter; Petersen’s Hunting; Game & Fish Publications; North American Whitetail; Whitetail Journal; Quality Whitetails; Traditional Bowhunter; Blackpowder Hunting, where he served as field editor; Mississippi Outdoors; Black Powder Guns & Hunting; Cabela’s Outfitter Journal; Mossy Oak’s Hunting the Country, where he was a columnist; and Primitive Archer, where he currently serves as hunting editor. He is also the outdoor columnist for Today in Mississippi and editor of the Mississippi Wildlife Officers’ magazine.

Additionally, Tony has over the years held active memberships in Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA), Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), and Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA).

Tony is the author of four books in the outdoor field: The Beginning Bowhunter; Food for Game; Outside and Other Reflections; and Fishing Mississippi. The first two are out of print, but the latter two are still available in limited supply. See the “books” section of this site for information. Two more outdoor titles will be released during 2012.

While Tony remains active in outdoor writing, he has recently broadened his scope into Christian fiction. And as might be expected, even this relates a great deal to the outdoors. His first novel in the Wagon Road Trilogy, Summer Lightning Distant Thunder, is now available. The second installment of this trilogy is scheduled for release in 2012.

Tony is also an active public speaker, presenting programs regularly for church gatherings, literary events, social/civic clubs, and outdoor organizations. He and his wife Susan live in rural Mississippi.